Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Apples

I had a truly dreadful week of painting and scraping and wiping due to 
doubting how I see my own work. Not being able to assess what you're 
seeing could really drive a person crazy. Jean Townsend assured me it 
happens and gave some practical advice: work in a series, keep them, 
however bad you think they are, then compare to see which you prefer.  
The next step, I guess, would be to figure out what it is you like about 
the one you prefer and trust that as you go forward. 

I'm periodically aware that I often work with a conflicted mind: still have 
visions of painting like my heroes (the San Francisco Bay Area painters) 
and forget that I am not them. The goal, of course, is to find a way to 
paint that is intrinsic to me. It sounds so simple, but after years of looking 
at art, years of working in different ways and in different creative fields, 
I've got a lot of clutter in here.


Jean Townsend said...

Well I guess it was worth it because that one is beautiful, clear and harmonious. !!!!!!!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

I appreciate your comment, Jean! I guess the other obvious way to hone self-critical skills (the good kind that tips toward some objectivity) is through good ol' feedback . . . I'll admit I'm still iffy on how I view this one.

Virginia Floyd said...

Lorraine, you are lightyears ahead of me. I just started, and when I see your paintings I wish I could paint like you! Your paintings are so infused with color and light, they glow. I am just as filled with self doubt as you, and with far more reason! Yet sometimes someone will tell me they really like one of my paintings that I thought was a stinker! I am sure that you are your own worst critic. Please stop kicking yourself around, but please keep painting and posting! :). You are good!