Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Apples 2

Here I am working in the afore-mentioned series to compare one 
painting to another to try to determine the merits (or not). When I'm in 
this debilitating state of doubting my judgment, I'm hyper-aware that 
I could be starry-eyed like watching my little daughter in a tutu on stage 
for the first time and oblivious to the obvious. 

I've read David Leffel and Greg Kreutz's books and understand the 
importance of an idea in painting but I think my understanding of the 
word "idea" may be missing their point. Like in art class a thousand 
years ago, I equated "fat" paint with thick paint, not paint laden with oil. 
I don't know what my "idea" for these apple paintings is. Leffel and Kreutz 
write about a decision to paint in complementary colors or chiaroscuro. 
I haven't equated anything remotely that pedestrian with "idea" or concept. 
Idea and Concept are lofty words to me . . . like Soul---that mysterious infusion 
of feeling a good painting conveys. Of course, both Leffel and Kreutz do that 
very well while I still struggle. "Idea" was easier to grasp as an abstract painter. 
As a graphic designer, I listened for years to marketing people discuss 
"concept." They were talking about stats and demographics. Poor things, 
I thought, they don't know what the word means. It's apparent that words 
evoke pictures and the pictures I associated with their words didn't necessarily 
coincide with their pictures or their meaning. Well. In the end, it comes down to 
me . . . time to get down from my loft and try to figure out those words right 
here on earth and apply them to the task at hand. I want my real pictures 
to communicate.

If anyone is willing, I'd appreciate your take on this one compared to the apples 
2 posts ago . . . Everyone is so nice or kind when commenting on this blog . . . 
I truly am asking for feedback or constructive criticism . . . I hope for a dialog. 
I can take it. 


Linda Popple said...

Lorraine, I wish I could articulate why I like this painting better than your previous apple painting. The orange peeking through on the violet side and the blues on the yellow side brings interest. Your shadows are very nice and I like the modeling of your apples. I prefer an impressionist painting to a realistic one and this fits the bill beautifully. I think Jean's idea of painting and comparing is great, especially putting time and lots of paintings in.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks for your response . . . I re-looked at these 2 in person and I agree with your choice. I'm realizing how much glare is in this photo and how washed out the top right is. It's evident in both, though, that I need to be less "blendy." Working on it . . .

kaitlin said...

I like this one better than the first one you posted. I think you really got the colors right and I like that they are all point blank in the center of the page. The apple in the center draws my eyes towards it immediately and it has the right amount of highlight to stand out but not overpower its siblings. I also love the soft purple blended with the mustard yellow.