Monday, September 6, 2010

Hop On

Tried apples again this weekend and this was the better of the two. The 
"idea" was to get back to basics: use fewer strokes, choose complementaries 
for the set-up (red/green(turquoise) and yellow/purple) This has more 
life and vibrancy than the past two apple paintings. I think. I was torn 
between continuing work in a series or moving onto different subject matter. 
My problem with apples is that I believe I know what they look like so I stop 
really looking. I do see and put in the cool reflective shadows in lavendar and 
green, then my brain tells me "that's impossible" so I blend them into the 
warm colors. This time, I tried to leave them alone. What I need to focus on 
next is figuring out the value dominance thing Carol Marine talks about. While, 
of course, committing to fewer strokes and remembering to trust the colors 
that appear to be impossible. I'm also going to work on just "suggesting" objects 
instead of rendering them . . . something I always start out doing and realize 
in progress, that I've reverted back to being too literal and rendering.


Linda Popple said...

Yes, Lorraine, this is just lovely with your color palette. Great job with your limited strokes. I need to work on all this, too. Maybe an apple or two is in my future! Your thoughts on this painting is really helpful!!

kaitlin said...

This one is another one of my favorites! I love the purples and blues and then the faint little strokes of yellow that bleed through. I almost look at the background before I do the apples. One color that I'm dying to see for some reason is brilliant magenta! You should use that in your next one. Also, maybe a vibrant lime green. Have you done a pineapple yet? You are so good with palm trees and the leaves on there resemble the same shapes...