Friday, September 17, 2010

The Critic

Several people have commented over the past few months that I need 
to ignore/silence the too-critical voices in my head. In 2001, I did a series 
called Persona giving 15 of them form. They are monotypes (one-of-a-kind 
prints) done on an etching press with lithography ink and mixed media. 
They were also set up for giclee printing (reproductions). Anyone interested 
in seeing more "voices," can visit my website:
I had tried for awhile to carry this style into oil on canvas but was less 
than impressed at the time (yes, I know :-) ). It may have had more to do 
with lack of a new compelling idea to work out and too little time . . . hours 
sitting in the studio with not much to show for the time spent. Deciding to 
try the little still-lifes felt more productive and learning to paint form is a 
rewarding challenge to my left brain. It's all process. I feel so lucky to have 
this interest in art and drive to learn.

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Linda Popple said...

Your series of Persona is amazing. I really like it and so different from your paintings here. You're very talented and creative!