Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apple Gathering

I keep thinking I'm working really hard at this . . . then realize I put 
down a mindless stroke without even looking at the setup. Today, 
I decided I needed discipline . . . just kept bringing myself back to 
the task at hand---to look, squint, pay attention to relative values. 
I set this up to be fairly monochromatic to intentionally limit myself. 
There are things I've done well, but overall, I'm not seeing the surface 
as organized as I intended. The dominant value thing---how much of 
the surface is dark, light or medium---it ended up being mostly medium 
with dark and light contending. I may be value-dominant-dyslexic. 
I think I think too much.

1 comment:

Virginia Floyd said...

I like that.......value-dominant dyslexic. I think I've got that!