Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tried to be more mindful about painting with relatively thick paint but 
less densely . . . I thought, at first, it was a matter of edges and to some 
extent, it is. But I think it may have more to do with not building up the 
entire surface to the same thickness. It seems where thinner areas are 
allowed to be visible, the surface seems to breathe. I tried to talk to 
myself differently while painting this . . . told myself to not be fussy, if a 
stroke contributed to the object being recognizable, that was good enough. 
have blind spots when looking at my own work and I think it's going to 
take re-training to view it differently, maybe set up a different standard, 
and that means, being willing to change and start doing things differently, 
like stopping short of my idea of "finished."


Virginia Floyd said...

This is wonderful, Lorraine. Love the purple shadow on the apple, and the hints of reflected red on the cup.

And fussy? I've cornered the market on fussy. This is nice and lush and loose. Just wonderful.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks for being so positive and encouraging Virginia. I really am trying to suspend my inner critic and beginning to realize the point of this blog: that if you don't put out into the world who you are at this point in time, warts and all, you don't really move forward. So much more freeing than waiting til you think you're perfect. Because, of course, you'll never get there.

Linda Popple said...

I love the colors in the white mug and that beautiful red apple next to it. Nice color harmony, too.

You are so insightful. I like reading your commentary, because you can put into words things that I, too, struggle with. Being a relative beginner it is easy to see something isn't right, but difficult to know what it is.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Layne Cook said...

You talked in an earlier post about figuring out value dominance. You nailed it on this one. Somebody else talked about converting your painting to black and white to see the values. This would read really well- mostly mid, some white and a little dark. Perfect! You also "got" the mostly warm with a little cool....One other thing you do really well is unifying your palette by "spreading' your colors throughout the painting. The colors on the "white' cup are a lovely arrangement of the colors in the rest of the painting.

Janice said...

Lorraine, your paintings are beautiful, I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog1 Best to you!