Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't yet know how I feel about this painting because I'm still in the 
grip of the "Big Doubt." I wanted to post it, however, because I managed 
to turn my ocean-liner of a brain around and painted differently from my 
usual. Instead of painting apples, I tried to lay in shapes in dark, medium 
and light. The canvas looked more like a map than a recognizable collection 
of objects for a good bit of the time. When I worked abstractly, the thing 
I loved most was to make the surface "sing." Want a purple next to that 
orange? No prob. I find it much more difficult to impose that on this loose 
facsimile of reality. I don't have an answer to why I limit myself while working 
in this realm, but I do. I could do anything I wanted, create my own reality 
but so far, I don't. I did put that turquoise next to red and carried it through 
the apple! And I didn't disguise it or blend it. There's hope.

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