Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tangerine 2

I painted again at the crack of dawn. It took a lot of fortitude to 
neglect household stuff yet another day but I held my ground. My 
mother is horrified by all that I leave undone. I realized a couple of 
months ago that she loves folding laundry and that she's agitated 
when she has nothing to do. So now, when there isn't a new load, 
I unfold what she has so carefully folded and bring her the same 
clothes, sheets and towels and she's happy for awhile . . . long 
enough for me to be in the studio for a few hours. It's ironic, our 
personal relationships with time: some of us have too little and some, 
too much. 

I can see that I've used brush and paint differently again . . . the way I 
painted yesterday and today are not necessarily what I envisioned 
or aspired to, but they document where I was yesterday and today.


Janice said...

Gorgeous! one of your best!

SYLVIANE said...

At least, you are lucky to have someone to fold your linen!
I love the texture of your painting, do you work with thick layers?nice background, too;bravo!

martinealison said...

Votre mandarine est très bien peinte et hum... avec les feuilles on a tout de suite l'impression de recevoir les odeurs en pleines narines... cela rend votre toile encore plus attirante.
Bisous et mon dieu laissez les corvées domestiques de côté, créez c'est tellement bon et beau...

Caladh said...

I like it with the blue, but I like the first one too. Maybe it's a nostalgic feel.
That's good what you said about using the brush and paint differently. I think it shows you put your heart into your painting, which is good.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Lorraine, These are gorgeous! Love both of them. Beautiful brushwork and color. ALL!
Love the story of your Mom and laundry. I will ship some of mine to help keep her busy.
I hope to paint today after too long away! Things do get in the way sometime.
Great work.

Jean Townsend said...

I think a leap forward! really beautiful (and so loose, sigh...)

Kathy Cousart said...

Just love both of these, they are outstanding- gorgeous brushstrokes and that blue is perfect for the background of the second.

Virginia Floyd said...

They are both beautiful!

Mitzi Easley said...

Hi Lorraine - I saw your clementine on another blog and it just pulled me right over here. And am I glad! Such beautiful work and words - I look forward to following! Mitzi

Susan Liles said...

Lovely tangerine! I cleaned today with a citrus cleaner and can still smell it in the house. Laundry...I did the same thing with my mother-in-law when she stayed with us for a few weeks.

Becky Joy said...

I agree this is one of your best. Lovely brushwork and colors.

claire christinel said...

Lorraine your blog is beautiful and I love your painting style. The teal blue behind the orange is a fantastic colour combination! I'll be back again often. Cheers!
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Kim said...

I found you! : ) I have to say - these tangerine paintings are stellar!! Your way with the leaves is just lilting and sensitive and lovely.

MA2U said...

I have to agree with everyone - they are stellar!! Shared with a co-worker who owns a gallery in Boerne. She was QUITE imppressed. She is a painter as well and intends to follow you. Hope something will work out so you can show/sell your lovely little canvases.