Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pears (rear view)

I spent my painting time over the past 3 days trying to paint peaches 
and had a devil of a time! Jean Townsend mentioned the difficulty of 
including color and value changes in the same 2 inches in her current 
post . . . I also find it very difficult. Over the days of trying, however, 
I did notice a brain shift (caused by sheer frustration!) ---I stopped being 
conscious of the object and, instead, began to zero in on shapes of color 
and value and how they related to each other. I wasn't able to rescue 
the dang peaches, but then found it effortless to cram in color and value 
in these pears, but they don't have the extreme dimples and cleavage 
that peaches do. It's funny, but as I painted these pears, I thought I was 
seeing their backs as though they were in a "time-out." :-)


Virginia Floyd said...

Nice job. I like the looseness and colors in this one.

I do think they have personalities. Funny, I painted pears today, too.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Wonderful! Love these fruit paintings! Going to add your beautiful work to my blog roll.

Susan Liles said...

Nice work, I see a Carol Marine influence in your work.

Linda Popple said...

I love the colors in your pears. You did a great job in applying those colors and keeping the values where they should be. Certainly not an easy task. Very nice!

Caladh said...

I started a pear painting, fought it for awhile, then wiped it off. I was a bit frustrated because I hadn't accomplished anything, so I painted the tree seed. I like your pears!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks y'all for such positive comments! I do want to credit Carol Marine for moving me forward . . . have to say, though, that I find I'm influenced by all of you, as well. Hope it all gets incorporated as I keep moving towards discovering my own style. This blogging world provides access to artists, their insights and process . . . wow! What a great thing!

Eman shaker said...

so so great I love the colors much.

Janice said...

Loving your work!!