Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Onions

No self-torment or suffering went into making this painting . . . I actually 
had fun! I got lost in the concentration, that meditative experience I recall 
from the past that has eluded me in the last couple of years. When I set 
it up, it seemed so complicated that I did a full value study in burnt 
umber over a transparent red oxide ground to paint over. It forced me to 
compare values from the start without color complicating the process. 
The only moments of angst were when I "came to" and thought, "oh please, 
don't let me screw this up." I photographed it and slapped it up here before 
I could start picking it apart. I feel like I'm on the right road. Thanks every-
body for your encouraging comments . . . the answer, as you said, is 
simple: just keep on painting . . . 


martinealison said...

Premier point : Enfin des oignons qui ne nous mettent pas en larmes !!
Ceux-ci me ravissent surtout parce qu'ils sont crédibles, c'est-à-dire beaux, lourds à leur base avec les fanes resserrées en bouquet...
Lorsqu'on pose une botte d'oignons, le plus gros vient toujours en avant et vous l'avez parfaitement bien fait ressortir dans votre composition. Il crée un contraste et donne de la profondeur à votre peinture.
La lumière éclaire et donne de la vie et le choix des couleurs, nuancées, n'enlève rien au plaisir que j'ai d'admirer votre travail...
Je vous félicite...
Merci pour vos gentils commentaires laissés sur mon blog.
A bientôt

Linda Popple said...

Lorraine, this is beautiful! I'm glad you had such a good time painting. It's a great place to be!! Your reds are so dramatic used in the green onions. Getting the values correct is the challenge and you did it. I would never have thought of using red in this set up, but I love it!!

Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful! No suffering? How can that be?

Kidding aside, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It really is beautiful. I like the transition from the dark background to the light foreground. The plate and its shadow are awesome! I think you are very good in your use of reds. And your brushstrokes are lush and loose. Very nice!

Ann Rogers said...

Lorraine, so nice to "meet" you through Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. You will be a great addition to the group. After a tour of your blog, I love the direction your artwork is taking.

Caladh said...

Very nice! I like the perspective and meeting the front onion face to face. You have such a nice way of using the variety of colors. The plate and the shadow/reflection is wonderful.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Roxanne said...

Beautiful Lorraine!...and welcome to some Txas Artists Like To Paint! I look forward to our art journey.


Angela Elledge said...

Hello Lorraine,
Welcome to the Texas group! Oh, how I love, love, love this painting, this rich jewel tone palette is incredible. Can't wait to see lots more of your work!

Ruth Andre said...

So happy to find your blog. I think your work is great but I know about the picking it apart stuff. Glad you took the photo an let it be. Very nice.

Janice said...

thanks for your kind comments on life and death!

It's always great when a painting works - avoiding self torment, etc!! I've had plenty of that too!!!

Keep up the great work!

Randy Saffle said...

This one is my favorite too!