Friday, November 19, 2010

Pears and Little Bottle

This turned into an epic effort over 3 sessions. I wanted to try a different 
composition where I didn't cluster all the objects together. I threw myself 
a curve by setting beautiful red pears toward the left side of the panel 
then needed something interesting to the right. Started with a white 
napkin which was too weak, then a pink napkin and red cup in the right 
back corner. I felt I'd painted everything well enough but the composition 
just didn't work so, being the ruthless person I am, wiped off the right side 
again and tried out different things. I'm withholding judgment on its overall 
success, but feel good about sacrificing things painted pretty well to push 
for a better painting.

My art store had its annal sale and I treated myself to a tube of cerulean . . . 
had forgotten what lovely grays are made when it's mixed with burnt sienna 
or burnt umber.  


Virginia Floyd said...

This is nice. Hooray for your persistence! I really like the rose color bottle. I think it's a great success.

I didn't know you could make grey with cerulean blue and burnt sienna! I can't wait to try it. I generally use ultramarine blue and burnt umber.

Linda Popple said...

Your red pears are luscious, Lorraine! And those grays are gorgeous. I'll have to try your "recipe" for them.

Do you use a viewfinder when you do a set up? It's something I learned from Carol Marine and it really helps. That and squinting!! LOL

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love hearing of your work outs. I think the strong color bottle balances out the red pears well.
I did a painting a couple of days ago and photographed it and felt it needed something. Will work on it to improve overall painting in a couple of days. Many times we feel the need to post when paintings are still lacking.
Thanks for your positive comments on my blog. Love the support from fellow artists struggling with same issues.

Ruth Andre said...

The red pears are really beautiful and I totally enjoy the background colors. The hint of orange showing through is so nice.

Caladh said...

I like the painting! The pears look good, and I really like the shape and color of the bottle. I think I could collect a roomful of interesting bottles. The grays are warm and pretty. You got it.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I think this composition works very well. The front pear leads the eye into the painting and to the second pear which leads you to the bottle. The canvas looks well balanced. What's the problem?

Cindy Michaud said...

i'm a maniac for pears so i really enjoyed this...and i grow when others share their struggles...kudos for sticking with it...hard to decide when to hold and when to fold, no?

MA2U said...

I have to disagree with those who like the bottle. As for the composition, I am not a fan. The bottle seems too small and insignificant, although painted VERY well. The red paears are some of your best. I would have painted the bottle a 'tad' closer and would have exagerated its size—possibly cropping some of it out.

I realize art is subjective, so take this all with a grain of salt. Your work is magnificent, really!

martinealison said...

Rien ne me dérange dans votre composition...
Vos couleurs sont superbes; elles sont fortes et donnent de la puissance à votre toile.