Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red-lined Cup

I'll confess . . . I felt desperate to post today. Too many days had passed 
since the last post, too many wipers, too much struggle. I needed to 
redeem myself. I had started this yesterday and felt it was true to the 
set-up but still had a nagging thought: "so what?" I've given that a lot of 
thought lately . . . I spend time looking at paintings online every morning
and most are competent, good paintings. But what makes a painting 
really really good, or even great? Attacking it again, it seemed the answer 
was "risk." I didn't push far enough, could have done some areas better 
but, there's also the danger of thinking nothing is good enough and the 
risk of getting too insular and putting nothing out there. There's risk in the 
doing and risk in the exposing . . . all part of the process.


Linda Popple said...

Lovely, rich saturated color. I like your composition and the reflection of the tomato in the cup.

I've struggled this week, too. Plenty of wipe outs and trouble getting my photos the correct color. Still working on that one! I agree with you about the risk aspects of getting art work out. It's a bit frustrating and sometimes a bit scary.

Janice said...

Great colors and fresh brushstrokes!

martinealison said...

Couleurs, contraste, composition MAGNIFIQUES...
J'en mangerais de votre rouge... tomate!
Bisous et ne vous d├ęcouragez pas!

Virginia Floyd said...

There is lots I like about this painting, Lorraine. Lovely loose brushstrokes. I like how the reds shift from blue tones to yellow/orange tones as you move from right to left. The light on the plate and the tomato is beautiful. Very well done!

I've been struggling too, not liking anything I've done lately. Sigh.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I like the way you think! Keep pushing. Love the results.

carol morgan carmichael said...

This is beautiful Lorraine! No problems here. Love the pinkish red against the blue cup. Nice, warm light on the tomato.
I can definitely relate to your feelings. We all go through periods of self doubt and being too critical of ourselves. It is a journey and just keep painting. I find that to be the biggest help. You have got a great style so paint on!

Caladh said...

I also think the answer is to keep painting. There will be some you like more than others. And different people have different favorites. The important thing is to learn about methods, but experiment and find out what fits you. Most of all, paint from your heart and it will be all right. Your paintings are beautiful!

MA2U said...

Hi Lo,
Just remember what you always tell me: "don't think"

We all have days of struggle, whetheer it is behing the brush or behing the mouse.

Just do, don't think! Your work has improved so much!