Wednesday, August 18, 2010


An attempt to stretch a bit. And to animate the inanimate. I've learned  
a lot about space and volume, feel myself moving away from painting 
one object, moving on to the next, then finally, paying attention to the 
background or negative space. Instead, it's beginning to feel more normal 
to make marks over the entire surface and allow the objects to assemble 
themselves. That means laying in negative areas as I go. I painted this 
panel black and let it dry. The sensation of putting down light paint on a 
dark ground was a thrill--made me paint less carefully. I need to throw 
myself some curve balls--start with a different surface, ground color, or 
some outrageous mark and then respond to it.


Linda Popple said...

I love your colors and loose brush strokes. There is so much going on the mugs - love it! Interesting that you tried a black background. I have done that, too, and enjoy the different feel of painting on dark.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks Linda! It's always such a surprise to find a comment and so welcome. I remember seeing your name on a landscape painting on the google earth virtual paintout site? and remember liking it.

Jean Townsend said...

That is the best idea!!! I am having trouble with the leaving of the background until the end (as we learned in the wkshop) and am trying to figure out a different way.

Bernard said...

Thanx for the crash course in still life. Someone who doesn't paint (i.e. me) can follow & learn much about technique, etc. Also I like your comment from an earlier post:

I know the same mystery exists in
this way of working and I'm determined to find it.


Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks Bernard!