Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At the Dance Sold

Up til now, my intention had been to paint alla prima but without 
success. Some flaw always glared at me until I just had to rework it. 
With this painting, the initial intention was to apply layers after the first 
coat had dried. painted the cherries in dark values and the background 
with mottled grayed reds, then painted the bright reds on top of the 
cherries and used zinc white (transparent) over the background for a 
veiled effect. So here's yet another thing to consider---the strategy 
involved in making a painting. I like traditional methods: glazing and 
scumbling and want to get better at those. And, I'm still determined in 
my quest to do a genuine, all-at-once alla prima painting. Will all the things 
one needs to consider, and when to consider them, eventually all become 
second nature? 

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