Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diner Mug + Apple

Diner mugs have always held a certain poignancy for me. They evoke 
images of night owls, people who prefer a too-brightly lit space in the 
company of other solitary coffee drinkers over going home. Edward 
Hopper's paintings come to mind and his ability to portray loneliness. 
Also this artist who's drawings and sculpture I discovered in the 80s.

I lifted a passage from that I'm going 
to tape to my easel:
"Really work through your motivation for starting a painting—before you start 
mixing colors and drawing on the canvas—and stick with this idea throughout. 
Try to get that idea onto the canvas. When you step back from the canvas, 
ask yourself not if looks like the subject matter—but if it feels like it. Not if 
the drawing is good, but if the sensation is good."

I'd been assuming that if I handled the rendering, color, brushwork etc. the 
piece would somehow magically be infused with feeling. 


Jean Townsend said...

Nice one rich.
That's a very good and helpful quote also, thanks.

scott said...

I love all the paintings in your new series, but this one for some reason is my favorite. To me, the mug has such a personal and warm feel to it, that it brings back all the best memories associated with a coffee mug. It is very comforting and reminiscent to me!