Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stacked Cups + Apple

Well. Here it is finally---my first genuine alla prima painting! It took lots 
of scraping and wiping to make the cast shadow and the shadow on 
the bottom cup. I tried to slow down and work judiciously, mix the 
value right before applying it, scrape it off if it wasn't. The top cup 
painted itself . . . forced myself to make a stroke and leave it alone. 
Also had to resist my tendency to say "I can fix it later." The apple 
was a struggle . . . a week from now, I may have to renig on the first 
line of this post. :-)


Mary Ann said...

Step away from the apple...! :-) This is one of your best apples yet—except for the painting of the pair you gave me for my birthday last year.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks MA! Okay . . . I will leave that apple as it is . . .
(I didn't see the little type on the Comments setting that said I had a comment waiting. Duh. I'll get the hang of this eventually.)

kaitlin said...

This is another favorite. I really like the second one you posted above too, but this one is a little more perfected. The blue shadows are so beautiful against that pale peach. I think you did such a great job keeping this piece a neutral color, but still letting all the other shades come through. I love searching for all the colors that pop out behind the forefront.