Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just playing with color and edges and subtle shifts in values while 
trying to maintain dimension. At this point, I should confess that 
I still haven't done a bonafied "daily painting" as in alla prima. 
It takes me a few days to actually "see" what I've laid down. My 
guess is that since taking on the challenge of painting "reality" I'm 
too concerned with capturing individual objects/elements no matter
how hard I try to fight it. In my previous painting experience where 
everything was made up or invented, I would let the current mark/
stroke/color suggest what mark to make next until the whole 
surface started making sense to me. Now I set up real objects 
and light them and try to know them as I paint. Before, the whole 
point was about not knowing. I know the same mystery exists in 
this way of working and I'm determined to find it. Karin Jurick has 
a quote on her blog from Andrew Wyeth---"it's what you carry to an 
object that counts."

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