Sunday, May 15, 2011

At the Beach

I needed to see how my foray into working larger translated back to
a 6 x 6-inch. I've learned a lot lately and it seems I've got multiple
personalities driving the paint but essentially, they are all me. I read
a quote on someone's blog attributed to Agnes Martin that she worked
toward seeing herself in her canvas. Maybe art is psychology . . . or
at least a mirror. I still can't judge whether the work is good or bad but
the great thing is that I'm excited every moment I'm in the studio. Right
now, I'm so grateful for that but know that soon, I'll have to tackle more
complex subjects and compositions . . . (deep breath)


Ann Rogers said...

Good or bad? I say GOOD! Your strokes, texture, color, it's all working so well. Know how you feel about very moment in the studio, love it!

martinealison said...

Ce qui est bon dans votre coeur et dans votre esprit est bon dans votre travail... Bisous.

Jean Ranstrom said...

Lorraine, just got caught up with your blog, I am blown away by the rich, juicy colors, it is like eye candy, so wonderful and jewel like. I know what you mean about being in the studio, I have been teaching art in an elem. school and haven't seen my studio for almost 2 weeks. I am definitely having withdrawl. You Go Girl.