Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arnolfini and His Wife Sold

Closer still . . .
I've been enjoying the process but still have to constantly remind myself
that I'm not painting pears but concerned with the entire picture. Thinking
pictorially has been hard to regain while I've tried to learn form. Still have
to ask myself if the color, mark, value I'm about to put down will add
excitement or interest, make the surface come alive. It requires stopping
and deciding which strokes to not cover so thin initial strokes show, it's
about looking for texture and effects, color interactions and choosing
which tool: brushes or knife in specific areas. This is a very informal way
to work and not for everyone but it suits me. The same rules apply---still
need to pay attention to value and grays and space in order to convey the
subject/idea. The title is from the cover of an art history textbook: a Flemish
painting of a nobleman and his very pregnant wife.


Pétales de fées said...

Very full and beautiful pears always dense! Congratulations!

Maria Baluis said...

Thank you for sharing about your approach to painting, it is very inspiring to watch you get "messy" in the process. I love the pears and lemons - can't wait to see what is next.

Nancy Goldman said...

This is stunning. It has a wonderful energy.

claire christinel said...

This one I love!!! The colours, textures, grey tones popping the reds, and that hit of red in the bottom left corner. Wow! I think it's the colour palette in this one, red and greyed greens, on of my favourites. You must be feeling pretty good about this one Lorraine!

Jane said...

Beautiful movement of the pears, you almost forget they are pears!! And I love the background with the very thick brush strokes.

Linda Popple said...

I think this is my favorite so far. The colors are amazing! I would love to see this in person and get the full effect of the colors and textures. Simply beautiful!

kaitlin moore said...

the reds in this are so vibrant i have a hard time not coming back to it! there is such amazing textures and so many different angles for your eyes to follow. very intricate!