Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Lemons with Blue

Jean Townsend wrote on Saturday that working toward reducing detail
and losing edges feels hazardous, like everything will result in chaos if
allowed. That perfectly describes my inner state as I keep plodding. What
causes this fearfulness? It's just paint! It may have to do with a fear that I
may not be able to live up to my dream or shouldn't really trust my belief
that I really am an artist. Hence the trying too hard and the need for control
kicks in and before I'm aware of it, I'm painting from a conflicted place.
These past few months of using photos, images from TV and looking for
different ways to paint the same subject has eased the need to get things
"right." My little voice isn't scolding me for not quite matching that color.
More often, it now asks, "what if you put a splotch of red in that green
area, would it liven things up?"


Kim said...

I do like how you've added colourful bits in the background. It feels richer without being distracting. Good job on those lemons - I think they're very hard to paint! Very nice work!

claire christinel said...

I love how you're giving yourself this gift of time to experiment and grow. I learn something every time I paint and that's what makes painting a lifelong love. Keep up the experimentation and enjoy the experience!

Pétales de fées said...

You're an artist, that's for sure! I love your requirement and your sharp eye on your own paintings! These lemons on blue background I like more than the previous! Congratulations my dear Lorraine! Good day!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I like that thought.....and these gorgeous lemons!!

Linda Popple said...

Why is it that we have to give our self permission to explore and experiment? You continue to teach me what is important and what is not to relevant. Thanks!