Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teabowl and Apple 2

This is a revisit of a set-up I did a week ago . . . I never seem to tire
of the same subject matter. With a little time lapse, I get to compare
what I thought was important on the first go and what stands out to
me now. With this, I wanted to purposely leave information out and
see if I could stand not tinkering with it and putting it back in.

I visited Carrie Waller's wonderful blog yesterday and read that she had
been juried into a show by a judge who stated she didn't like literal art. I
had a regretful thought: I had written how impatient I am with myself when
I'm too literal but I want to make it clear that I love good realism! I'm
amazed by and admire the facility of these artists!


Karen Bruson said...

Wonderful application of paint, and I love your warm palette. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pétales de fées said...

You have a very personal way of expressing the reality! Your key to the essential realism of light and matter! I like that! Continues! Kisses

carol morgan carmichael said...

I love the idea of painting the same set up again and exploring the differences . Love the colors in this. Great reds on the cup.

Kathryn Law said...

Beautiful, Lorraine. It's such a can of worms, categorizing something as literal, isn't it? For some people, representational=literal, but it's really not the same thing at all. Gregory Gillespie painted in a hyper-realistic style, yet many of his concepts were anything but literal. He quoted his mentors as saying that one or the other could be realistic--concept or execution--but not both. I always thought that was interesting.

kaitlin moore said...

i think this one is gorgeous.... looks so sun kissed and full of light. you are so good at layering paint so that hints of color pop out!