Friday, March 4, 2011

Green-Rimmed Cup 2

Another go . . . I'm painting very slowly . . . I don't have  a
problem with being too tight or detailed: I like swashbuckling
strokes, stray pieces of color, painting outside of the lines.
But I am beginning to understand Kehoe's comment that it takes
a long time for her to see how something really looks. The
shadow side of the cup, for instance, looked like a gray-green
to me so I painted it as I saw it. But the canvas looked odd with a
greenish shadow on the same canvas as the cup handle which had
almost blazing red reflected lights and shadows cast by the red table-top.
It probably could have worked if I got the "right" gray-green and
the right color for the cast shadow so they would resonate, but I elected
to "purple-up" the shadow side thinking it must also be influenced by
the red table-top. Not sure if I'm seeing what's there accurately or if
I'm being tricked by all the vibrating color? With practice, I hope it'll
become more intuitive and go a little quicker.


Ann Rogers said...

Quite a nice collection of cup paintings. Love that you are experimenting with colors and values and brushstrokes. Wonderful practice with fantastic results.

Kristin said...

I think that the shadow looks great in this painting, the second one of the green-rimmed cup. Lovely colors!

martinealison said...

Vous êtes une perfectionniste et j'aime ça!
Bisous ma chère Lorraine

shivanand khanore said...

great work.i bigg fan of your paintings.i verry verry like your blog....

Nelson Souzza said...

The blog is very good!

Kristin said...

fYI-- Someone on facebook just said that Nelson Souzza is a spammer.

claire christinel said...

I just love hearing about your experimentation of process. Give yourself the gift of time, to try out your greys, figuring out colours, playing with your edges and brushstrokes. It inspires me to slow down and smell the oil paints! Thanks for sharing this personal painting time!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Gorgeous! Love that stunning reflected color on the shadow side.