Monday, March 7, 2011

The Set-Up

An 8 x 8 panel seemed huge! Still not brave enough to go where I
think I should (haven't identified where that is) but it was fun to have
a larger surface . . . seemed to help in making me consider the whole
painting and not just the objects. I've been trying to be conscious enough
to have one specific intention before I begin a painting, like for this: to use
many grays and just a few areas of bright color. An intention works as an
anchor if and when I start mindlessly copying or get too obsessed with
individual elements, I can bring myself back to what I intended. I fall short
but am beginning to see glimmerings of stuff coalescing.

Why do I always see the flaws once the painting is on the computer screen?
I should probably work on it more before posting but there's that precarious
edge where I could ruin one small good thing.


carol morgan carmichael said...

Beautiful color and application of paint. Edges are great. I don't see anything that bothers me. Wonderful!

Angela Elledge said...

I love the richness of the color palette; very old world!

claire christinel said...

Lorraine this is a great bit of painting you've done here! I love the blue lines down the front of the mug, the orange brushwork in the orange is great, but the reflected orange! Now that's a thing of beauty! Love the edges and colours there.

Jane said...

This is a very nice painting with an excellent composition. Nothing wrong to my eye, but like you I also see a lot of flaws in my paintings once on the computer screen:-)

Kathy Cousart said...

I really like this one- great values and the brushwork is amazing. I like the freshness of your work and strive for the same. I love the comment you made on my blog about me getting confident enough to let the viewer finish the painting. That was a big Nancy Franke lesson! I appreciate you visiting me and enjoy your blog so much!

Linda Nickles said...

You might be too hard on yourself, Lorraine. This is a lovely painting, with a beautiful palette, soft edges and painterly style. Very nice!

Linda Popple said...

The computer tells all doesn't it? Sometimes I'm grateful to see my errors and sometimes ......

This is a beautiful painting, LorraineI love all the colors you use and the soft edges. You're such an inspiration!

Virginia Floyd said...

Lorraine, you have been doing some fabulous work while I was away from the computer. Sounds like you are starting to love some of your own work--that's wonderful! Who wants to do something that makes you unhappy? And look how many followers you've gained! Lots of people are appreciating the beauty of your work! I know you are't "satisfied", but I sense that you are getting those small daily satisfactions that keep us going. Keep up the good work.

(PS Thanks for your comment on my blog. We've both been under the weather, but I think we've turned the corner. Yea for good health!)