Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Lady 1

One of my main concerns over the past couple of months is in
assessing my own reaction to what I see developing on my canvases.
It's sort of a schizophrenic exercise: look hard at the set-up, try to find
the elements of it that excite and serve to anchor a conscious intention
which will then inform the paint. That kind of intentional looking has to
be maintained throughout the process. But, then, so does looking critically
at the canvas to see if the marks you're making reflect your intention.
Not to work towards getting it accurate but to find something in the canvas
that makes me react to my own work the way I do when looking at the
work of the painters I love.

Looking in both directions should be all of a piece, united in one goal,
but it's so easy to go unconscious and veer off course.


Pétales de fées said...

I love it !
Cette pomme brillante qui croque sous la dent (je le sens) est superbement peinte ! Marvelous !
A kiss from France !

carol morgan carmichael said...

Oh Lorraine, I am afraid I am not thinking near as deeply as you. Anyway....this piece is great. The colors and the brushwork are wonderful. LOVE where the light is hitting the apple.

martinealison said...

Elle est tentante cette pomme... j'aime la manière que vous la faites tourner en jouant avec de sublimes couleurs qui captent sagement la lumière.

Ann Rogers said...

Looks like you stayed on course with this one! Really lovely color and especially brushstrokes.

Kathy Cousart said...

Beautifully done! The colors are fabulous and brushwork is wonderful!

claire christinel said...

Lorraine this is a wonderful painting. I love how you used pure pigments bringing the apple forward, with the light developed so beautifully. Then the fabulous reflected apple with the thin paint and wonderful grays that you've become so adept at. Well done! You must be feeling good about your intention on this one. I would be!

Linda Nickles said...

This is very good, Lorraine. You've got it all here, with interesting composition, wonderful colors and lively brushstrokes. Oh, and the light reflected in the apple is just beautiful!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Another great effort here. I have to agree about the light on the apple and brushwork.