Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Bells

I thought my head would explode trying to paint these bell peppers!
The curves and turns are so complex and challenging. They're great 
models because you have to abandon any preconceived belief that 
you "know" what they look like. I had to keep returning my mind to 
just looking at shapes of value and color and hoping the objects would 
become recognizable on their own. I also handled the ground differently 
by using a red where the bells would roughly be and a brownish-green 
under the back "wall" to see if the light background would recede 
more easily.


Virginia Floyd said...

These look really good, Lorraine. You got the various values and shades of red in the peppers, and you captured the sheen of the skin. I like this!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Your work is SO nice! Love, love the way you handle your apple paintings! Cool colors.