Monday, October 11, 2010

Ghost Apples 2 Sold

I was actually able to hold two things in my mind simultaneously: don't 
blend and stick to the light-value-dominant scheme I set out to do. There 
was a lot more color in these "alabaster" apples than the greenish-white 
I originally saw. The first pale green stroke on the warm ground vibrated 
so beautifully, I tried to not disturb it, thinking I could lay in small blocks of 
color next to each other and build the painting that way---totally different 
from my usual automaton way of working. That third intention flew out the 
window about 10 minutes in. 


Lisa Daria said...

great color combination - I like the bits of unexpected color in the shadow.

suzannepaints said...

Oh, Lorraine. I love this painting. I have gone for weeks on end without looking at my paint box for similar reasons as yours with your mother's things. To be sure on some level, you made a wonderful nest for your mother when she had only 2 forks. My parents have recently gone through everything from a lifetime of collecting. They have given us so many nice things, little things they saved like the glass cinnamon bear for cinnamon toast...remember those. I'm the oldest of 7 and it is tricky prying Mother's fingers off the good silver. Sorry you were not the one. I'm moving out near Dena's. Maybe you can come out some time to paint with me. I'm going to need company.

Jean Townsend said...

I like these, they are strange -
it's a perfect balance between modeled form and abstraction, works in both camps.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

So happy to discover your blog, lots too look at. This one is beautiful!