Monday, October 25, 2010

Lone Apple 1

This wasn't my intended post for today. I'm posting 2 paintings 
from early this year, before the Carol Marine workshop and the 
subsequent struggle with alla prima. These are from a former era 
of not always knowing what I was doing as opposed to my current 
era. I liked both well enough to not sand them off and now that 
time has passed, I feel like, uh, well . . . I still like them! 

They are stand-ins for the painting I hoped to post . . . a self-portrait. 
Having to confront my own visage in a mirror, which, of course, I lit 
dramatically, was kind of a horrifying experience. I've tried to avoid 
having to look closely at my face, have very dim light in my bathroom . . . 
just enough to not poke my eye out with the mascara thing. All I wanted 
to do was to get out of any kind of comfort zone, to have a subject I would 
really, really have to look at and it turned out to be really, really uncomfortable. 
I should go with that, instead of my usual quest to make something beautiful. 
It got too dark in the day to photograph and it gives me another day to stall. 
Maybe tomorrow . . . 

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Virginia Floyd said...

Funny! I'm with you. I don't think I'll ever paint a self portrait. My process is to put on makeup in the brightest light possible, then look at myself in the most flattering light before I go out.

I sometimes tell my husband, I still look good, it just takes a lot longer! We both laugh.