Friday, October 22, 2010


My time in the studio is still haphazard . . . still boxes to deal with and 
tarp-covered furniture on my porch, left-overs from a yard sale. All this 
exterior clutter also makes my brain a mess.  

I realized I hardly ever paint blue things, so I went to the Salvation Army 
on a quest for a blue object, and lo! a blue cup! I plunked down 
my 54 cents. I had high hopes for it but now, on the screen, it looks 
frizzy. This panel is the double-primed cotton from Raymar and takes paint 
differently from the oil primed linen I usually work on. The apple in the cup 
has very few strokes so I'm pleased with it. Reflections are difficult . . . 
hats off to Carol Marine who does them so naturally. 


martinealison said...

Le bleu de votre cup est très beau et prend bien la lumière. Il crée un contraste intéressant avec la blondeur de vos fruits. Votre fond et votre premier plan participent à moderniser les natures mortes... Bises

Caladh said...

Thanks for your comment Lorraine. It was your red peppers that drew my attention to your blog. They're great. I like the blue mug here, and it doesn't look too frizzy to me.

Caladh said...

Virginia used the word I was looking for to describe the mug. Iridescent.

Tempy said...

I like your blue addition! It really makes the warm tones stand out.

Virginia Floyd said...

I like this composition, Lorraine. The red apple is just the right addition of color to the set up.

You should stand back from your painting. The cup really looks great, and the strokes on all your apples are loose with good values. I like it!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Thanks and merçi, everybody, for the great encouraging comments! I love this blogging art community and feel like I've improved so much since putting work out there.