Monday, August 19, 2019

Fields of Gold

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Low-lying Clouds (sold)

Low-lying Clouds  12 x 12   Oil on canvas

Greenacres series

Greenacres  12 x 12   Oil on panel

Willow at Greenacres   12 x 12  Oil on panel

Greenacres 3     16 x 20   Oil on canvas

Remains of the Day 1 and 2

Remains of the Day  24 x 30    Oil on canvas

Remains of the Day 2    30 x 40  Oil on canvas

Two Palms

I started painting and drawing palm trees when I was in
eighth grade in Boston where I grew up—not a palm tree
in sight! Even dreamt of living the sailing life, exploring
tropical islands on a 50-foot sailboat. These are Los
Angeles palms but there are many varieties right here in
San Antonio.