Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Artist

This painting is one I managed to fit in early on in the animal-
painting marathon. I used a black and white reference photo of
the artist Francis Bacon. When I first saw his work in the late
60s, it intrigued me and also repulsed me in a way but I was drawn
to it for its intensity and originality. I've always wished I could be
that bold and push past what seems safe and acceptable. While that
wish doesn't seem to materialize, I enjoyed trying to infuse my
impressions of him onto a portrait.

Still photographing the animals and will post some at some point.
Thanks so much for viewing and for your very nice comments!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rancho de Taos Church

Can't believe I haven't posted since April! Time flies. This one
was done in May as an exploration of color, invented, exaggerated color.
I used a reference photo taken by a photographer friend, Peter Szarmach.
His work can be seen at 

I've been painting a lot—25 5 x 7 animal paintings for my daughter's
wedding. I feel like I've been painting them for months (because I have).