Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TV Head 2

This looks nothing like the person I was painting but I was pleased that
I was able to lay the paint down without blending or massaging. That's
taking precedence over getting a likeness right now. My temperature
transitions may be too exaggerated but it was satisfying to see colors
and paint strokes stay fresh.

Friday, January 11, 2013

TV Head 1

I had mentioned on my last post that I'd been struggling with a
portrait to give as a gift (this isn't it) so I've been practicing
painting heads I photograph from the TV. I was too attached to
getting a likeness with the portrait and realized it was creating a
barrier to learning about skin tones and temperature not to mention
making my blood pressure rise. With the TV heads, I'm not
attached to a likeness so feel freer to play around, make mistakes.
It takes practice to shoot them so there's no moiré pattern in the
photo reference but they're usually beautifully lit, speaking or
otherwise emoting. This is the first one that feels finished, painted
in three layers, using zinc white for its transparency in the top layer.
No struggle with this and I'm hoping to get back to the portrait soon.