Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tangerine Tree 2

Another pose from the tree. I'm learning a lot from working on a
subject that has a sort of overall pattern. There's so much information
that I can't focus on individual objects but instead, be more aware
of the entire surface. I'm still trying to stifle my overactive left-
brain tendency to put in everything I see. My intention for a long time
now, has been to flip my brain so that my painting is more about
mark-making, color relationships and light patterns than about rendering
individual objects. I've not yet been successful with that and part of it, I've
realized recently, is that I don't always work with an awareness of that
intention. I seem to slip, unaware, back into unconsciousness and trying
much too hard to render again and again. Still engaged in that dialog with
myself about "paint what you see." Remembered a picture book I'd
bought for my daughter many years ago—there was an apparent scene
that everyone seemed to see immediately, but if you altered your focus,
crossed your eyes and concentrated on different elements in the pattern,
the scene would shift to something entirely different. An apparent forest
could shift completely to a school of fish or something like that. This is
such an intriguing concept and makes me wonder what I'm missing in
what I'm seeing with my "regular" eyes. A new intention to add: when
looking at anything, to try to see beyond the objects and actually focus
on color relationships and light patterns. This is probably so obvious
but I can be so slow to get stuff, even stuff I know intellectually. Terry
Miura writes about his process with representation and how he tries
to go beyond the actual:


hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Lorraine! I feel like I'm standing right under it...I also love your previous Tangerine painting!! Excellent.

Carol Flatt said...

Much food for thought, Lorraine. Thank you for the reference to Terry Miura. I enjoyed his comments about simplification and values as well.

martinealison said...

Très jolie publication ma chère Lorraine...
Ne faut-il pas voir qu'avec son coeur et non pas seulement avec nos yeux ?...
Faire une synthèse des deux... Mais avec une pointe supplémentaire de ressenti pour une recette réussie de notre aboutissement artistique...
Une potion bien difficile, n'est-ce pas qu'il faut faire et refaire à chaque toile...

Je crois qu'en ce qui vous concerne , l'essentiel est déjà que vous avez saisi l'essentiel de votre démarche. Vous peaufinez et vous le faites merveilleusement bien.

Je vous renouvelle mes voeux et je vous souhaite une douce nuit de noël...
Un doux parfum de mandarine arrive jusqu'à moi... Vous voyez que vous avez peint plus que ce que vous voyez !
gros bisous

suzannepaints said...

OMGoodness! This is fantastic. And your explanation is beyond the pale. So lovely. You are onto something, Lorraine. Merry, merry Christmas.