Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Shadows

From tangerines in the dark to oranges in the light! If I'm going to
get on with moving toward where I want to go (wherever that is) it
seems a good thing to practice trying to be inventive. I had photo-
graphed these on a cedar bench outside so the actual background
was a bleached cedar color and the shadows almost black. I wanted
to paint the high contrast and the feeling of sunshine so what if . . . ?
I played around with a background color and took a lot of liberty with
the shadows, adding color and scraping it off. I feel pretty pleased with
this but still have to put it in different spots in my house and come upon
it as though I've never seen it before to see if my reaction stays positive.
I see a few areas that could use some work but on the whole, yes.
I never really know until I get other people's reactions.


suzannepaints said...

I should think you would be happy coming upon this lively painting almost anywhere. Happy New Year, Lorraine.

Virginia Floyd said...

Very interesting composition. The patterns on the dark sides of the oranges are really lovely. I like the long shadows and the use of grays and oranges in them. Really nice!

I liked your idea of moving the painting around the house. I keep mine on an easel that I walk by several times a day.

Carol Flatt said...

Very clever, Lorraine, and very effective. I think the horizontal and diagonal lines as well as the round shapes add so much interest. This is a painting that makes me want to hang around and really study it.

HYE Y COH said...

(I am not sure I am double posting.
Have sent the comment in the morning, but it is not showing.
So here again....)
So great that you are ending the year with a wonderful painting. This painting is a gem. I love the composition and palette. Your treatment of shadow, shadow pattern.... Just Delightful!!
Happy New Year!! Wishing we continue creating with vigor and encouraging each other. -hye

hmuxo said...

Love this painting, Lorraine. I love the long shadows..making this piece so interesting. Beautifully done!

claire christinel said...

I say yes too Lorraine! I love the shadows on the oranges and the cast shadows full of colour. I think you'll continue to feel positive about this one. :-)

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Another winner Lorraine. Love the color combo and the treatment of the shadows. Killer!

Linda Popple said...

Well, I am late in coming to your site. Still trying to catch up from the holidays (will I still be saying this in June!!). I agree with everyone. My gosh, those colors are amazing!! The shadows, shapes, composition, just everything seems to be perfect!

Nora MacPhail said...

Wow! That is working beautifully! The colours are great and I see the importance of adding a few shadow lines in the top right. Good choice. Lovely.
Happy Painting.

Nigel Fletcher said...

beautiful balance of colour and composition, I love this!


this is has a beautiful feeling to it lorraine