Friday, April 29, 2011


Experimenting . . . trying to use paint more loosely so the result is
airier and less "concrete." This is painted from an image on the TV.
My aim is to move farther away from realism while still working
figuratively and the thought was that an image from a moving screen
would help my brain in the transition. There are many versions under
this one (for anyone who might have missed me and thought I was
slacking off :-)) but however loosely I approached this subject, I always
steered automatically towards smoothing and trying to get it right.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm forcing myself, too much, to go against my
"natural" inclinations. I do think I've made a lot of progress and have
done some competent and decent paintings but am feeling there is still
so much more to explore. The drive seems to come from incorporating
the abstract sensibility I seem to have lost once I decided to paint


Jane said...

Hi Lorraine. I think we are all striving for the same thing: looseness...and like you I think that most of us fight against ourselves to obtain this going against our natural inclinations, but probably this is an inevitable process.
Anyway your painting is marvellous, such great expression and colouring, love it!

carol morgan carmichael said...

I think it is very hard when you are working with figures to keep it loose. I almost always tighten up. not sure what the secret is? I am taking a couple of workshops in the coming months painting live figures. Scared to death.
I think this is really interesting. Your color choices and application of paint add so much character. Show us more!

Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely, Lorraine. I enjoyed looking at this and actually looking stroke by stroke, letting my eyes move to each section of the canvas. Her face is fascinating. Very nice.

Carol Flatt said...

Lorraine, whenever I receive your posts I am so amazed at the parallels between the needs you express for yourself and the ones I have. I struggle with trying to stay loose in my work, and I am far from the effect I want. I feel the viewer can bring so much more to the interpretation of a painting when it is loose and free rather than detailed out completely. If you haven't already look at the work of Carolyn Anderson at
I'd love to ask her how she maintains the "free-ness" quality of her beautiful work.
I think your painting here definitely has those loose qualities you're seeking. Your lighting and values are stunning.

claire christinel said...

Lorraine I find this painting beautiful. There is such a sense of serenity with a bit of mystery because her one eye is partially hidden. There is also a bit of amusement on her face. A Mona Lisa smile a la Shirkus? The brushwork is magnificent. I love it!

Linda Popple said...

I'm catching up on looking at blogs and all I can say is wow! This is really amazing and as always you express yourself through your paintings and words so beautifully. I'm finding that you are really an inspiration to me and I'm learning from you. I love your work and Stuart Shils, Dan McCaw and others that have a sense of color and light with brushstrokes that are a controlled looseness, less detail and more about shapes. So, no pressure, but keep it up!! :)