Monday, April 18, 2011

Chisel Study 2

I had so much fun painting this . . . the good thing about
being willing to paint the same subject many times is that
you lose attachment to result. It's very freeing to know that
you can try again to use paint differently, emphasize different
aspects, experiment with color. Since embarking on painting
from life, I had lost my adventurous side . . . became fixated
on getting things "right" to the detriment of thinking pictorially.
I've taken down my lightbox and now set things up outside in natural
light and photograph them. I know many artists think it's a copout
to work from photographs but it's useful to me because I'm not
really interested in making pictures that look real. I'd rather make
pictures that have poignancy and presence and working from
a photo gives me a step away from "real reality." It gives me
license. This chisel was set on a warm earthy flagstone but once I
got the yellows and reds down I needed turquoise to make the reds
pop. I felt none of my usual compulsion to be faithful. There are
leaves in this setup and I had no real need to portray them . . . they
were amorphous shapes and colors, just supporting players. I am
feeling momentum.


claire christinel said...

Really like the combination of the warm colours with the turquoise. That's a wonderful colour combo that always admire and then forget to use. Well done! Thanks for your good wishes, the tour was great! I've posted about it.

Pam Holnback said...

Both of these chisels are incredible! Great subject, composition, colors!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I paint from photos 90% of the time. I really enjoy it and feel no need to apologize. I rejoice in the unexpected colors and light that is sometimes found and I love the opportunity to study and crop a composition, to move or eliminate elements.

Jane said...

It's amazing how you succeed in making a simple chisel a piece of beautiful art! The colors and the light are stunning.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Wow! Love these colors and the abstract design. Wonderful!

Virginia Floyd said...

Wow is right! You are really progressing beautifully. It's a chisel, but so much more!

Loved your post and explanation. Not only are you a wonderful painter, but you are wonderfully articulate. I always feel like my posts are pretty mundane.

Thanks for your comment and encouragement on my painting. So far in painting the leaves, I was trying too hard to make it look like a leaf! But also, I wasn't happy with the color choices. I'll just have to keep practicing!

Kathy Cousart said...

Wonderful use of creativity, spirit and that sense of capturing what you want to on canvas. You knew you needed a turquoise to make the other colors pop and did it. Trust that artistic intuition and keep painting and having fun. Good momentum for you:)!

Carol Flatt said...

Lorraine, this is just an outstanding painting. I love the composition - how you've offset the chisel to the right of the painting. Jane was right when she said you've taken an ordinary chisel and made it extraordinary - full of color and texture. It's very compelling, and has made me think about painting some different subject matter than I usually do. I also appreciate the manner in which you write - very clear, sometimes with humor, and somehow you express the same needs, goals and frustrations as I have. Thank you!

Jean Ranstrom said...

Lorraine, thank you for talking about working from photographs, I have been doing the same thing for quite awhile and I hoBy the way, LOVE this painting. Thank you for sharing your successes and your failures, you make the rest of us feel very normal.