Sunday, February 20, 2011

Espresso 5

Still experimenting, trying to find different ways to handle paint . . .
I had read a long time ago that part of exploration was to find and
re-find the edges and then recently, on a college student's blog, read
her account of taking a workshop with Ovanes. He had stressed to
keep the painting a wash for as long as you can---so contrary to my
habit of laying down thick paint as soon as I can. So, I'm practicing
both by not sketching the boundaries of the object and laying in washes
of values in the general area of where an edge might be. It's helping to
not commit too soon, to not get attached to getting something right while
freeing up a part of my brain to assess whether I like what is developing
on the canvas.


claire christinel said...

Again great colours Lorraine! This sounds like a real exploration you're on, without painting in any boundaries. Not even a few guide marks for the top, bottom and sides? I like the whole edges thing of pushing and pulling from the negative into the positive and back again. Liz Wiltzen stressed that concept from a workshop she had taken. I particularly like the light side of your mug with the vibrant colours and the inside of your mug with the soft and lost edge. It seems like you're enjoying the journey. Thanks for your comments. I don't know about aha moments, but I have had an Aarrgh! moment.

Angela Elledge said...

I have not commented, but have thoroughly enjoyed the dialog and your evolving paintings. Really love this one for many reasons, one being the crisp hard edges and the soft lost edges, the other the blocks of color in the background, love the variety of shapes and colors; very well done, Lorraine!

shivanand khanore said...

hi Lorraine mam...
really i am impressed about u r painting.really i have not words....u r a great artist....really..

Carol Schiff Studio said...


I have been following you for some time, but don't usually comment. You are such a brave and inquiring painter, going into areas that I admire but have not entered. Talk about growth! I cannot wait to see where this leads you. You may find me holding on to your shirt tails.

Stephanie Berry said...

The colors in this are really nice. The whole fat on thin thing is a good rule to follow. I hate having to scrape paint off and then deal with trying to get colors true. Let us know how your progress goes.

Pétales de fées said...

J'aime énormément cet espresso ! Les couleurs sont belles et présentes et j'arrive à sentir le parfum du café fort !

Janice said...

Love these cup series, I think they would have strong visual impact all framed in dark, and hung togeter! Nice work!!!!!