Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Espresso 2

There are several others but this is the second I'm willing to post. There's
a lot to learn by focusing on one subject, one is that I've been too abrupt
in value jumps so am now mixing colors on my palette differently, each
value slightly overlapping the previous---it helps in not being tempted
to blend between values. Also trying to be conscious of varying the
thickness of the paint. I'm painting very slowly, pausing between strokes
and considering where I want to put my next one. Seeing this on the
screen, it's clear my color shifts are too abrupt as well. I still have a long
way to go but, with each panel, it's becoming more pleasurable to apply paint.

I heard on npr this afternoon that Jaspar Johns was awarded the medal
of freedom for his art. Johns was quoted as saying that he had to work as
he did, even if each piece was a failure, and accepted that he would likely
have a life of failure. That's a brave artist!


Eman shaker said...

nice one.

Kristin said...

I really like this painting!

martinealison said...

On pourrait peindre et repeindre chaque jour le même sujet et chaque jour le résultat refléterait notre âme... Il n'y a pas vraiment d'échec et d'erreur puisqu'ils nous aident à avancer et à nous construire.
Je veux viens une tasse de café ma chère Lorraine... sans sucre!
Votre toile est déjà bien sucrée... et je l'aime beaucoup.
Gros bisous

Kathy Cousart said...

I really like this one. Gorgeous colors and wonderful application of paint. Keep up the painting "work" I hear you learning and it is paying off for you!!

LindaHunt said...

This is stunning...I love the application of paint and the color is rich and deeply felt!

Pam Perras said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the clarity and reflection in your written thoughts on your process. Thanks so much for sharing that with others (ie, me), too! It's so helpful.