Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I loved David Shevlino's workshop and everyone in it! David
is a very generous teacher and all-around nice guy and every
one in the group was so dedicated to improving their work.
My intention was to get looser and more interpretive but
learning to paint figures was a challenge in itself. So while my
looseness level hasn't progressed much, I learned a lot.

His workshop really bounced me out of an obsessive mindset—
I'd been feeling I didn't have a compelling subject and wasn't happy
with the way I "should" be handling paint. Trying to learn from an
artist I admire, all of those thoughts flew out the window and I just
concentrated on painting without judging. Maybe the looseness I
aspire to will just appear on its own?


hmuxo said...

WOW Lorraine!!! This is fantastic.....loose and so painterly. I wish I was able to paint like you....I start loose and ALWAYS finish stiff !! Lol
It sounds like a wonderful workshop !!

Carol Flatt said...

So glad you enjoyed the Shevlino workshop! I love his style and his works and can imagine what wonderful things he has to share.

I've always loved your still lifes and, like the others you've done, this one pushes all of my appreciative buttons. Beautiful colors - warm and harmonious -, a delightfully appropriate title and positioned perfectly on the surface! Those touches of blue in the knife handle are the culminating coup de grace!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Be Still My Heart... I LOVE this one, Lorraine.
Carol said it so well...coup de grace, indeed!
Happy you learned a lot in the workshop.
Shevlino is so versatile I should imagine he can help all types of artists.