Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I think this is my fifth attempt at trying to paint from this reference
photo. I took a lot of shots of this model (my daughter) in this setting
and want to continue working from them. Painting the figure in a non-
traditional way is really challenging so I signed up for a David Shevlino
workshop hoping some of his looseness and magic will rub off on me!


martinealison said...


Je suis très heureuse de vous visiter aujourd'hui. Il est vrai que je ne suis pas toujours très présente sur les blogs en ce moment.

J'aime beaucoup la grâce qui se dégage dans cette oeuvre. Les nuances de couleurs sont magnifiques. Elles jouent avec les ombres et les lumières.

Je vous souhaite le meilleur avec vos prochains cours.

Gros bisous 🌼

hmuxo said...

Beautiful!!! Awesome details Lorraine!!!

Carol Flatt said...

Congratulations on your upcoming workshop with David Shevlino.his work amazes me!

Your painting is wonderful! I love the back and forth between the oranges and blues.Your daughter has an elegant pose, and the light on her hat, arm, torso and leg is warm and defining.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Such a great pose. She has a lovely elegant line. I love the flesh color in the shadows. Very believable.
I saw a video by DS a couple of years ago and he has a solid understanding of light and form within the loose school of painting. Fabulous painter I will look forward to seeing the results of the workshop and admit to envy!