Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rancho de Taos Church

Can't believe I haven't posted since April! Time flies. This one
was done in May as an exploration of color, invented, exaggerated color.
I used a reference photo taken by a photographer friend, Peter Szarmach.
His work can be seen at 

I've been painting a lot—25 5 x 7 animal paintings for my daughter's
wedding. I feel like I've been painting them for months (because I have).


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I like this because it is a church I have seen painted a lot but admire how you managed to make it completely your own thru your use of color.
25 animal paintings - wow!!! Will we see any of them?

hmuxo said...

You have been missed Lorraine!!!! LOVE everything about this painting! The colors, the texture all perfect! The sky looks awesome!
I hope to see more paintings soon.....💕


Very wonderful church painting !!!
Happy weekend Lorraine !!!

LS Nelson said...

This may be the nicest study of complements I've ever seen. The blue on the wall in front is perfect!

ps how about posting some of the animal pics? We love that stuff!

Carol Flatt said...

I can really empathize with the time flies observation! Seems like it's disappearing at a faster rate than it used to!!

Your painting offers spectacular color - those warm and cool hues grab me and hold me right away, and the brushwork is lively and compelling!
This was one of my favorite churches in the Santa Fe area. I really felt like I stepped back in history with this one.

Sounds like you have been very busy with painting something unique and wonderful for your daughter's wedding. Congratulations to all.

So good to see your work once again and to hear what you're doing!