Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sunny Corner

I found it easier here to think in terms of composition
and light and not worry about details. Wise artist friends
have told me I should allow viewers to supply details
or complete unfinished areas in their imaginations. I
try to be conscious of that while painting but don't always
practice what I'm intending . . . This will be one of my
offerings in an upcoming holiday show at the Hunt Gallery
in San Antonio. It's on Saturday, December 5th from
1 - 5pm. There will be drinks and munchies and maybe
even some very good deals!


Chris Lally said...

A beautiful addition to the holiday show! Hope you have a successful show!


Very wonderful painting with amazing light and colours !!!
Happy weekend !!!

hmuxo said...

I wish I can see the exhibit Lorraine...This will definitely sell!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You definitely captured the "warm light, cool shadows" principle as well as allowing the viewer's eyes to fill in what is left out. This is a stunner!
Wish I could attend the show!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Hi Lorraine - wondering how you are doing - I miss your posts!