Monday, June 16, 2014


This is a great old building on Galveston's industrial side that's seen better days.
I painted it over several weeks, starting out pretty literally, then set it aside for a
few days at a time until some "aha" moment came to me on what to do next. It
went through a lot of transformations over time each time emerging with less
spelled out and different color shifts. Now that I see it as a photo image, I'm
seeing more I could have done but it's time to move on.


hmuxo said...

This is wonderful, Lorraine! I love all the colors in this old building.. and the light and shadow is perfect!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

It really holds my interest and that means a lot to me. I especially like the way each window is different. You did a great job of capturing the light hitting the glass.

Jane said...

I don't know what more you could have done, I think it's awesome and so filled with light ! Your new city scape is really great too, so busy , but not crowded, very well done !

Carol Flatt said...

I love all the verticals and horizontals in this piece. She (the building)feels to me like a grand, older lady who possibly was the "star" of her block at one time, but now just has her memories. The patina is wonderful and the wires across the middle just invoke, "Time moves on whether one is ready or not."