Friday, May 23, 2014

Boston Near The Wharf

Perfect morning last September in Boston. This image doesn't match the painting
or the photo in Photoshop. Here in Blogger, it's very contrasty, coarse and blues
are too saturated and ultramarine-y. The last post really heightened the reds
inaccurately. This happened for a few posts last fall and then seemed to correct
itself. Is anyone else noticing this happening to their images?


LS Nelson said...

I'm not having that problem,(well maybe the coarseness you mention) I just have trouble getting photos that look like what I painted! Hopefully someone will have a solution for you.

hmuxo said...

FANTASTIC painting, Lorraine! You did such an amazing job on the buildings !!! Wonderful work!
So far so good with getting the correct colors on my paintings..
I haven't noticed a difference but I will be aware of changes.
and I love the shadows on the ground from the trees...I really like this one!!!

Carol Flatt said...

Exciting painting, Lorraine! You certainly managed to convey depth in this scene! Love how your dark shapes connect to one another.

suzannepaints said...

great scene. Love the cityscape, Lorraine

Shirley Fachilla said...

It's been quite awhile since I visited so I lingered and browsed. I so like the textured quality of your landscapes and I see that you had a workshop with Workman. I'm envious!

Carol Schiff said...

Lorraine, My friend, Carmen Beecher has been complaining of the same color issues that you are having on blogger...way to intense and saturated. I have not noticed it on my screen, but it would be interesting to know what others see.