Sunday, January 26, 2014

Waiting in the Meadow

A different cropping of the same barn on 18 x 24 stretched linen.
I was trying consciously to vary the cool and warm tones in large
expanses of space, careful to keep transitions close and not get hung
up on all the straight lines. It felt easier to overshoot boundaries with
this one maybe because I laid in the drawing more loosely so the edges
weren't yet defined in my mind. It felt good to paint them in and cover
them up, leaving traces of the previous layer to show through. Painting
in layers feels natural to me, possibly because I don't know the next
right value or color to use, but more, I think, because I like not knowing.
It adds to a feeling of exploration and nice accidental possibilities.


hmuxo said...

Wonderful painting !! Love barns !

Carol Flatt said...

I'm glad you felt happy with the way you avoided the "straight line" tendency by doing a looser sketch. It certainly was very effective and your blended edges all around are great! Love the color (hue and temperature) variations throughout. I really am drawn to it!

Linda Popple said...

Wow! Love your barn paintings. Your brush strokes are loose, which I love. I am still trying to accomplish this.

I just returned from Fredericksburg. I joined 14 artists at a David Shevlino workshop. He is amazing! Hope you have a great time with Michael Workman - he is also a favorite and someday I hope to be good enough to be in one of his workshops. Tell us all about it when you return!

Karen Werner said...

Love this! Serene and lovely. Beautiful neutrals.


Love, love, love the soft edges.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

j'ai beaucoup aimé ton post ! magnifique toile, cette bâtisse est superbe!
Très bon week-end à toi Lorraine!

Carol Schiff said...

Love your edges....I hope I can learn from this.