Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Betsy's Barn

When looking at a scene my immediate response is to try to replicate
it so I've been conscious the past few months of using mark-making
to explore and let a scene build up sort of on its own. The panoramic
scenes are easier now but once there's a dominant subject, I tend to
do a "portrait" of it and forget the marks so with this, I tried to obliterate
boundaries and edges. It still feels awkward but as always . . . it's
about getting "there" even if you don't quite make it.


maalari ja piirtäjä said...

Hei Lorraine, upea maalaus, seuraan jatkossa töitäsi

hmuxo said...

This is wonderful, Lorraine!!.. Something about these barns that I love!!!

Carol Flatt said...

Wonderful, Lorraine! Your paintings of this area reflect such a peaceful solitude. I can imagine the wide open spaces give a real sense of that.