Sunday, October 20, 2013

At the Window

I've been all over the map subject-wise lately, aiming to learn how to
not concentrate on painting the "thing" so much as manipulating paint.
I've always been interested in paint handling but maybe now trying
to be more conscious about it, how each stroke of color and value works
with the one next to it. Instead of racing ahead and having a vision of
what the painting should look like, how it should come out, I'm narrowing
my focus to what I'm actually putting down and then responding to what
comes next, essentially allowing it to come out the way it does.


hmuxo said...

SO PAINTERLY! Beautiful piece!!!

Carol Flatt said...

I love the results of your approach. The value range in this is marvelous, as are those gorgeous reds next to the glowing light blues. Beautiful texture as well!

LS Nelson said...

Well I think that approach worked very nicely in this little gem!

Linda Popple said...

Beautiful work! Great texture and color. I like your approach, too.

Karen Werner said...

Beautiful cool reds, greens and whites. So harmonious! Love your edges too.

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

I like this approach too, it's not waht you paint, but how you paint it. Your paint handling is beautiful, I remember how stingy I was with paint when I first started1

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Oh BOY! - this one is FABULOUS Lorraine. Paint quality like this really speaks to me.