Thursday, October 31, 2013


I've been all over the place style-wise and subject-wise
lately and it feels good to just explore. I've been invited
again to participate in a small works show at the Abend 
Gallery in Denver. They have a great roster of artists so
I'm honored they asked. I hadn't been working small
enough and needed new work so I'm keeping it simple
and paying attention to paint and color. That seems totally
unremarkable but I've been so hung up on learning to
paint form, there hasn't always been room in my head for
the "art" part. I'm feeling confident enough lately to not worry
about getting the objects right, but to try a color or texture
or mark next to another and see if the piece holds together.
But then I started on the 6th one in this series yesterday and
got all hung up on getting it "right" again—easy enough to
scrape and stop, regroup.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I love the Abend Gallery. Congratulations!
Your work will shine with freshness, color, technique and great imagery.
Wish I could be there.

hmuxo said...

This is beautiful, Lorraine and Congratulations on your work being displayed at the Abend Gallery!

Jane said...

Scrolling down I saw some gorgeous paintings , and here I love the simplicity in the composition beautifully painted and with such a great technique ! Thanks for your visit on my blog :-))

Cath.H.C Photography said...

j'adore !

Carol Flatt said...

Love your varied paint applications in the painting particularly with the whole lemon. Nice contrasts between that and the table. I read where Bielen often paints in the grisaille method with a value underpainting. Do you start your paintings in that way?

Helen Cooper said...

Congratulations on being invited to exhibit at the Abend Gallery!
Another beauty!