Thursday, March 7, 2013


One of my goals lately is to work towards an interesting surface quality which 
hadn't yet appeared on my radar. I've been switching subjects as an exercise 
that forces me to think differently depending on the subject, then try to apply 
what I've learned to the next different subject. It's helpful for someone like me 
who tends to approach things the same way when what I wish to do is change 
or see transformation. Since switching from the way I used to work to more 
representational subjects, I long for the freedom that used to come naturally.  
There's a balancing act to work towards and it's good to identify it, because 
it's not always clear what my goal is. I'm working on a nude now, hoping to 
apply what I've learned to the figure but am still too tight—still fixated too 
much on getting it "right" which my brain tends to translate as "rigid." I may 
just have to accept that until something starts to shift on its own. 


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I must be losing it - I thought I had left a comment on this one congratulating on having an interesting surface quality - just what you were after.
I have the same problem of trying to get things "right". I had a teacher who helped me by telling me I was "tidying up too much." It still goes through my head when I find myself piddling.

Rubén Opazo said...

Me gusta su trabajo por la fuerza del color, la perspectiva tan bien lograda, la textura que parecen tener los elementos del paisaje.
Felicitaciones y saludos.