Sunday, March 17, 2013

House on Madison

This may not be finished yet but I stopped to escape that "tidying up"
compulsion that grips me toward the end. The earth reds from the
underpainting may need to be toned down a bit, and the contrast
overall. I wanted to work on thick and thin paint, also to not describe
and define everything. I don't always "see" clearly what I've put on
canvas or I superimpose what I want to see on what's actually there.
It will take some time of living with this to get some distance and
notice whether I see it differently. Don't want to rush in and "fix" stuff
without a clear intention.


martinealison said...

Ma chère Lorraine bonjour,
J'aime comme vous décrivez votre ressenti face à cette peinture.
Vous travaillez à la manière du sculpteur... Vous façonnez dans la matière en prenant soin de ne rien gâcher, progressivement et parfois avec une extrême délicatesse... Il vous faut peaufiner toujours et encore. C'est de l'art à la "Lorraine Shirkus" ! Et quel art...
Gros bisous à vous

Carol Schiff said...

Excellent job on this Lorraine. I am really enjoying your landscapes and I love how you analysis your work. Now if I can just put some of that into practice myself.......