Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downtown Bridge

I was in my usual Sunday morning stupor when I realized that parking meters
downtown are free. Grabbed my camera, found a parking spot and walked
and took pictures until the battery died, 19 pictures later. Downtown San
Antonio is tiny and charming and needs to be walked to see the little courtyards
and pedestrian bridges. It took a lot of time to draw this and try to get the
perspective which kept my left brain so focused that my right brain just wanted
to scream "just throw some paint on it!" Well, that's good—maybe I can get them
to play nice together by letting them each have their way. I confess I was tempted
to paint in every vertical line carefully until I woke up and realized my aim is to
be messy. Long way to go but a day with even a little progress is enough these days.


Carol Flatt said...

Lorraine, this is just amazing! I feel as if I'm in the big city and part of the foot traffic. That wide handrail just carries me into the painting. Beautiful neutrals with the orange. Your looser style gives great energy to the scene.

hmuxo said...

Fantastic painting, Lorraine.. love the oranges and brush work...and very painterly!!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Wow lorraine, you took a very difficult perspective angle and pulled it off beautifully. Lots of dramatic light and the neutral areas makes the color pop!

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

This composition really works, so much color and painterly strokes.